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  • Business The company is committed to build China's construction machinery and equipment and heavy vehicles in overseas products, services a...
    News Group adhere to the "cooperation to create wealth, innovation and development" business philosophy, and strive to create a harmonious at...

    Together with strong support, Hansheng works of the five major shareholders of the team, business has developed rapidly, since the establishment, scope of business involves 25 countries around the world, especially in Africa, its market share, brand influence, trade growth, service network coverage and quality of service has become the same industry the leader.

    • Products are exported to more than and 60 countries and regions
    • At present, 25 countries in the world set up a company
    • Have more than 1 thousand customers
    • Export declarations for the first two consecutive years exceeded $100 million

    About Us

    Moumou Holding Group Co. Ltd. was founded in January 18, 2005, is a municipal government capital to accelerate the strategic adjustment of state-owned capital, a few key enterprises bigger and stronger, to XX (industry) Group Limited, a wholly state-owned company XYZ Holdings Limited and a city gas Refco Group Ltd reorganization and the establishment of a city, is one of the largest state-owned enterprise capital, infrastructure and public utilities and municipal government and the municipal SASAC planning investment and financing platform. Since the establishment of a control group, a total profit of state-owned enterprises has always ranked in the first, and was named "China top 500 enterprises", "top ... 【more】

    Contact Us

    Address:Room 6, 8th Building, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China
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